Company President

Todd Balfoort graduated from the University of Florida in 1993 with a Bachelor of Design from the college of Architecture, and a Master’s Degree from the School of Building Construction. After internships with an Architectural firm specializing in custom homes in Palm Beach, and a commercial contractor specializing in mall and entertainment projects, he accepted a position as project manager for a medium size commercial contracting firm. After five years, he decided to venture out on his own and began Balfoort Contracting, Inc.

“My company has grown in a methodical and structured way since it’s inception. I do not have the desire to be the biggest contractor in South Florida, nor do I need to have my company logo posted at every street corner. I wish to develop a core of competent and honest individuals who desire to create beautiful and functional spaces. My firm prides itself on bringing in projects on time and within budget. Typical custom homes in my market take upwards of a year to complete. My average completion time for a 5,000 to 8,000 SF house is just under eight months. I recently completed a 6,500 SF house in 6 months, 20 days”

Project Superintendents

All projects are overseen by a site specific supervisor who handles all field coordination issues, and is in constant radio contact with the office and other subcontractors.

Alan Ross has over twenty years experience in the industry, and is a well experienced craftsman. He holds a state certified contractor license, and is typical of the quality minded, and client oriented employees at Balfoort Contracting. He is married, and has one son, Alan Jr.

“I enjoy the daily challenges of working on schedule driven projects, and also the opportunity to work on custom installations which are only seen in the high-end custom home market in which we work. It also makes my job easier being surrounded by the quality subcontractors associated with this company. It’s good to know that I can pick up the phone, and have sub on the job at the drop of a hat”


A General Contractor’s first obligation is to the Owner. He is the Owner’s representative through out the course of construction.

It is for this reason that General Contractors and Subcontractors are often seen at odds with one another. At Balfoort Contracting, we see our relationship with the subcontractor as one of team work. Our firm wants to hire the most energetic and competent tradesmen that we can find to provide a top quality product to our clients. We hold our ethical responsibility to subcontractors in the same high regard as we hold our client relationships.